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Frequently asked questions

Will the Cyc accodomodate a picture vehicle?

Yes! We've had vehicles on the stage from station wagons to Sprinter vans. Our cyc is at groung level, and is directly drivable from our 12'x12' roll-up door.

What Hours and Days Can I Rent The Studio?

Whirlybird Studios is available for rent 7 Days a Week. Our normal operating hours are from 7am to 9pm, but let us know your production's needs and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Is There a Minimum Number of Hours Required for Booking?

Generally we require a minimum of 4 hours for any booking.

Is There Parking at the Studio?

Yes! Each booking includes 5 reserved parking spaces directly in front of the unit. We are able to offer more spaces on Saturdays and Sundays at a per-space cost of $10

What if Our Production Runs Longer Than 12 Hours?

The rates advertised are for productions aywhere up to 12 hours, starting from first crew member arrival to the last crew member departure. After 12 hours an overtime rate of $250.00 per hour is applied at the start of each hour after the 12th.

Is Smoking Allowed at the Stage?

Smoking is not allowed on the stage, however should any member of your team need to take a smoke break, they are free to do so in both the parking lot, and street areas nearby. Should a scene require smoking, please discuss this need with our team ahead of time. It is the responisiblity of the production to ensure that the proper OSHA guidelines are met in these instances

Are Pets Allowed at the Stage?

Yes! We love furry friends and are happy to have them.

Do Bookings Include Equipment?

We provide a set package of equipment free of charge with every rental. Packages differ slightly between motion and stills projects, but are generally adequate lighting and grip for one to two subjects. We also offer a catalogue of grip, electric, and production supply rentals in house.

What Color is the Cyc? Can it Be Painted?

The cyc is white by default and there is no charge for it's use as-is. If you need the white paint on the cyc refreshed it is a flat $100 fee, with no cost for use thereafter. Other colors will incurr additional cost, which we are happy to quote on an as needed basis.

Is the Cyc Pre-Lit?

We offer a pre-light package on the cyc, consisting of 3 x 2k space lights, for $100/day.

Is the Stage Sound Proof?

While we have had many shoots use the space to capture dialogue scenes, hosted segments to camera, and other sound critical work without issue, Whirlybird is not strictly a sound proof stage.


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